Holistic Elements Mental Health Therapy

Elane de Vos, PhD, CMHC

Elane de Vos, Ph.D, is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She got her Master's Degree in Psychology from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. After relocating from South Africa to the United States, she did her Doctorate in Psychology with a Jungian Specialization, through Saybrook Universtiy in California. 

Elane collaborates with her clients by using a Psychodynamic lens through which she helps a client to explore unconscious patterns that influence their behavior. A client's self-awareness is enhanced with working symbolically through childhood, adolescence and midlife challenges. She enjoys working with clients of all ages. She has extensive experience with adolescents whose struggling she helps them reframe as the "Hero's Journey." Modalities like dream analysis, active imagination and mindfulness are used with clients that feel comfortable with a creative approach. 

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