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Job Support


Employment Specialist (aka Job Coach), helps individuals who are on different career paths prepare for employment. This service is for those who qualify and have an active Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) case or those who wish to pay out of pocket. Our Employment Specialist works with disabled (physically or mentally) individuals, veterans and others who face challenges when seeking employment. The goals of the job coach can vary case to case - it is dependent on the needs of each individual. In some cases, a job coach provides on-the-job training and other services that benefit both employee and employer. For those already employed, job coaches may provide advice about career development or changing careers. The also may provide guidance and motivation in setting and achieving career goals.

Leslie Weiler

ACRE Certified Employment Specialist

Email Leslie [email protected]

Leslie Weiler is an ACRE Certified Employment Coach and Certified Life Coach.  Leslie is skilled at assessing people's skills, strengths and areas that are in need of support and/or training.  She starts Job Coaching by completing a Work Strategy Assessment.  Areas that need skill building will be identified.  Leslie assists with such things as computer skills, resume writing, on-job training, etc.  She helps her clients find the perfect job for them.  If you are interested in having a Job Coach, contact the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (V.R.) and have  a case opened.  V.R. accepts cases where someone's disability / mental health condition negatively impacts his/her ability to maintain employment.  If the V.R. Counselor sees a Job Coach will be beneficial, the state will cover the cost.